2011 Saved By The Bell Tournament

March Madness is upon us.  A time for brackets, brackets that give us the answer to questions by the simplest process imaginable: elimination.  In the end we are left with one team, item, person, or entity that is defined as the best.  With that spirit in mind we are preparing to undertake the most important bracket elimination in the history of mankind.  The Desonesto Doctrine is proud to present the First Semi-Annual Inaugural Saved By the Bell Bracket Challenge: People of SBTB Edition. 

We have 64 people from the Utopian world of Bayside who will do battle on the plains of the Internets.  Foolishly their fate will be left in the hands of the plebeian  voters.  That is where you come in.  Starting this week, we will begin a vote for who will advance, and who will take the long walk to The Max for a burger.

I have divided the People of SBTB into four regions: Girls of Zack Morris, PTA, Special Guests, and Bayside Student Body.  There are no opening round play-in games (sorry Brandon Taritkoff) just 64 people battling it out.  The regions, seeds and first round match-ups are below (embiggened bracket here).  We’ll go in-depth with each entry and have the votes in the coming days (Be prepared to be inundated with SBTB).  Let the madness commence!

To vote for the Girls of Zack Morris, click here.

To vote for the PTA, click here.

To vote for the Special Guests, click here.