SBTB Tournament: PTA Region Round 2

We have four match-ups of parents and teachers to determine who moves on in the tournament.  The decisions are becoming more difficult as the tourney goes on.  You’re going to have to reach deep down into your SBTB chi and find out who better represents the persona of the SBTB universe.

You can view the PTA first round intros and results here.

Our first match-up pits two foes that are familiar with each other.  Mrs. Morris often had to traverse to Mr. Belding’s office to discuss the rambunctious escapades of her son.  It almost seemed though that Zack spent more time with Belding than his mother.  Will that create tension between the two? Parental tension? Sexual tension?

This to me is almost the match-up of the tourney so far.  Two teachers diametrically opposed square off.  Dewey, the thin deadpan math teacher and Tuttle, the boisterous multi-purpose spark plug.   Who will still be in the teachers lounge at the final bell on Friday.

Leon Carosi against Derrick Morris.  Holy anthropology, Jeremiah Laskey almost took down Mr. Morris.  Zack’s dad took it home by a mere 3 votes.  Meanwhile Mr. Carosi handily took care of Ms. Wentworth.  It will all come down to which Papa rolls.

Miss Bliss was a paragon from the early days of SBTB.  Without her work there would have been no Bayside even though she was never there to see it.  Terrible Testaverde was there and he pulled a mild 7-10 upset over Mrs. Simpson who probably hasn’t heard she’s been eliminated yet.

Vote with your heads…or your hearts…..or both….just make sure you use an organ.