SBTB Tournament: Special Guest Region Round 2

The 3rd installment of the Second Round begins.  The Special Guest Region is definitely not as chalky as the rest of the bracket.  The public has spoken and the crimes that Jeff committed against Zack and Kelly were punishable by bracket death.  Cynthia pulled the 13-4 upset of the tourney so far.  The 1 seed Rod Belding and 2 seed Johnny Dakota had no cakewalk either as each of their battles were close.  It’s time to decide who will make it through to the Sweet 16.

You can view the first round intro and results here.

Rod Belding got quite a run from Stevie.  I didn’t know when she said her friends call her Colleen that she had so many of them.  His opponent, the 8 seed Casey kasem had a much easier time dispensing of his radio host counterpart Ken Kelly.  Will he continue to breeze through against the younger Belding?

It’s time for Cynthia, the pretend drowning victim to try to take down a huge fan favorite.  James the Actor sent douchebag Craig Strand packing in round 1.  It would be an even bigger upset if she got past James, but voters have been known to do Wild Things.

Max got a ton of votes in round 1, the Valley girl didn’t even get to double digits in votes.  Chief Henry also won handily over his Valley opponent.  I think it has been made clear that Valley stinks.  Like, for sure.

Man versus machine, a scenario that has been conceptualized in a numerous amounts of literature and film.  Now Kevin, Screech’s obedient robot friend, takes on movie star Johnny Dakota.  It’s like Terminator, Rise of the Machines except the robot hasn’t taken over yet and this might not suck.